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Fabrication: Using PVC for outdoor applications

For many years now, PVC sheets, solid and foamed (expanded), have proven how suitable they are for outdoor applications such as signs, billboards, lettering boards and displays, under the most varied of weather and environmental conditions.

Weathering resistance
KOMADUR is weather and moisture-resistant and, consequently, highly suitable for outdoor use. This means these materials will undergo no changes to their physical properties over periods of many years. White sheet types are color fast, while colored sheets may suffer a change in color (become brighter) due to the higher degree to which they absorb solar radiation.

Intensity of solar radiation
The limits of application of the PVC sheets are determined by the natural extent of exposure to UV radiation. For KOMADUR, this is up to 120 kly/year.

Surface coloring
Sheets used outdoors (e.g. signs) should, apart from the signature/logo, always have light-colored surfaces (white, light grey, etc.). Large-surface, dark colored signs should not be used as they, like any dark colored object, absorb solar radiation to a far greater extent and can suffer damage as a result.

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