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Fabrication - Painting and Screen Printing

KomatexKOMATEX has a superior surface for screen printing. This method will give outstanding results with a crisp, clear, colorful finish. Paints also can be used to achieve similar results. No primers are required when using either method. UV, solvent-based and acrylic inks and paints can be used with KOMATEX to gain great results. To get proper adhesion, it is important that the sheets are clean and free of all dust, oils and grease before printing or painting. Isopropyl alcohol removes most foreign objects. Please consult your local distributor or ink manufacturer to fain the best inks and paints to use with KOMATEX.

Nazdar Ink Recommendations

Komatex was evaluated with respect to adhesion and the following ink series showed excellent results:


Sericol Ink Recommendations

Solvent Base: UV Inks:
Plastijet XG Fascure
Polyplast PY Plastical
Plastec Uviflex
Polyplast Matte (flat) Mr Matte (flat)
Tech Mark UVRP
GVYL Gloss Poly


Inks are listed in order of preference.

1 mm KOMATEX is not recommended for use with digital flatbed printers. The amount of UV given off by this equipment will cause KOMATEX sheets to become brittle and break.


Laminating KOMATEX to other material should present no problems. Common resin-based adhesives or mastics can be used. For best results, KOMATEX must be clean and free of dust and dirt. Check with the adhesive manufacturer to be sure it will work with KOMATEX PVC.

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